Merger And Acquisition Due Diligence Reviews

Investors, purchasers and business sellers alike entrust Martensen IP with analyzing their IP portfolios. These sensitive matters often entail mergers, acquisitions, startups and other situations requiring a due diligence review of a business’ IP legal structures as part of the enterprise’s overall value.

Business executives and business investors look to Martensen IP intellectual property attorneys during these phases of a business deal because they know that the firm’s legal advice is responsive to the actual business circumstances at hand. The attorneys at Martensen IP quickly identify issues critical to the business matters at hand and make timely responsive comments that the business executives and investors can use.

The firm offers due diligence IP audit services to both purchasers and sellers of businesses, including venture capitalists. Its services are always lean and cost-effective. With experience honed in the Silicon Valley, the attorneys at Martensen IP know how to effectively estimate the costs of a due diligence review for a potential client.

Our analyses are independent and objective. In auditing an IP portfolio, Martensen IP is able to recognize when IP legal protections are indeed performing and when they are not. For clients who are selling their businesses, Martensen IP provides forward-looking IP portfolio strategies capable of meeting the rigorous IP audits conducted by potential purchasers.

“Extremely well-versed in IP law. Navigated our patent applications from complex technology to award. Mike’s global associates helped inform and execute our global strategy. We highly recommend!” Julie Zinn