Global Patent Prosecution Issues

A U.S. Firm with Global Reach

Often a competitive advantage is not geographically limited and encompasses a global market. Martensen IP maintains relationships with key international parties to leverage expert advice around the globe. And through these contacts and our experience, we give clients astute advice on when and how to invest in a global intellectual property portfolio.

Many of our patent attorneys have traveled and lived throughout the world, and as a result understand the global strategic needs of today’s business executives and investors. In meeting these needs, our job is to provide legal guidance that is responsive to the clients’ specific goals and strategies.

A Wide Range of Expertise

Martensen IP routinely provides legal counsel to executives and investors in many areas including:

  • Infringement and validity of patents
  • International trademark registration under the Madrid Protocols
  • Freedom to operate investigations
  • Product clearance investigations
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty compliance

In providing this legal guidance, Martensen IP regularly seeks opportunities to add value to the business as a key member of its clients’ teams.

Martensen IP’s ability to form part of a larger advisory team for a business and its investors is an additional hallmark of the firm’s approach to foreign prosecution matters. Martensen IP serves as a member of larger teams and also builds its own teams using a worldwide network of foreign agents and trusted advisers.

Working closely with its clients and its network, Martensen IP ensures that global patent prosecutions and filings — whether in Europe, the United States, or China — are strategically executed in a manner sensitive to the client’s business plan and marketing program.