Trade Secret Legal Services

Protecting Trade Secrets Protects Value

Martensen IP understands the critical role that trade secrets play in the valuation of any business, particularly because valuation stems directly from a business’ ability to capture and maximize its advantage over its competition. A trade secret supports this advantage to the extent that it supports the business’ mission to exclude other participants from the marketplace.

As trade secret legal counsel, Martensen IP advises businesses concerning their trade secret policies and procedures including employee agreements and interactions with third parties. This ensures that the business maximizes its value.

An Effective Blend of Business and Legal Expertise

We provide legal advice that is informed by real-world business practices when advising clients regarding their trade secret assets. With decades of cumulative experience gained from practicing in large national law firms in Silicon Valley and Colorado, and years of government service, the trade secret attorneys at Martensen IP leverage our expertise and insights to our clients’ benefit.

We don’t think of it as locking in innovation – we use the law to protect your innovative edge so you can build it into a competitive advantage.

Simple Steps To Keep Colorado Trade Secrets Safe

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