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A patent gives you the legal right to limit access to a patented invention for a specific period. During that time, other commercial entities cannot make, distribute, sell, or otherwise utilize the patented asset without your consent. Patent attorneys can help you navigate the complicated application process, as well as help you protect your patent rights through litigation. 

Our patent lawyers at Martensen IP excel at providing domestic and international investors, executives, and other professionals with thorough legal services and informed counsel on a range of patent issues, enabling them to confidently carry out their business strategies involving their portfolios.

What Is A Patent Lawyer?

A patent attorney for commercial businesses is a legal expert who assists companies in protecting their inventions and intellectual property rights. They have a deep understanding of both legal principles and the technical aspects related to a company's specific industry.

Experienced patent lawyers also provide strategic advice on how to leverage patents for business growth, such as licensing agreements or selling patent rights. At Martensen IP, our patent attorneys have years of experience and help commercial businesses throughout the U.S. protect their innovations, maintain competitive advantage, and maximize the financial benefits of their intellectual property.

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Comprehensive Patent Law Services Across the U.S.

Patent Valuations, Evaluations, and Portfolio Management

Valuing patents for business purposes often involves a very careful legal analysis of that patent’s ability to create a competitive advantage over others in the marketplace. This sort of corporate legal analysis requires attorneys capable of providing accurate and honest assessments of patents. The marketplace will weed out over-inflated valuations and punish those who undervalue their company’s patent assets. 

At Martensen IP, a patent attorney in Colorado Springs from our team can provide nationwide services. We offer comprehensive evaluations of businesses’ patent portfolios, whether they’re already owned or being considered as part of future investments as well as portfolio management services, post-grant review assessments, and patent infringement analyses. In providing these services, it’s our aim to empower our clients to continue innovating and maximize the competitive value of their IP portfolios. If you need a lawyer for a patent, get in touch as soon as possible.

Preparation and Global Protection of Patents

We don’t just help clients establish their patents, we also help protect them from copyright infringement. Our patent preparation and prosecution services range from preparing patent applications to challenging and prosecuting others that compromise our clients’ business interests. These services exceed the boundaries of the national market. As markets are increasingly becoming globalized, we know how important it is to provide counsel on international IP portfolios and execute global patent prosecutions. If you need patent attorneys in your area, do not hesitate to contact Martensen IP at (719) 358-2561

Patent Rights Legal Counsel

Need Patent Attorneys In Your Area? We Serve Businesses All Over The Country.

As an experienced military program manager with an MBA and multiple engineering degrees, our founder, Attorney Michael Martensen, thoroughly understands patents from legal and commercial perspectives. He’s joined at Martensen IP by a skilled team of patent lawyers, each with over 20 years of experience.  

When we advise clients, we draw from our extensive and broad knowledge base to provide them with patent law services that align with their unique business objectives. 

Our Business IP Services

How Do I Obtain a Patent in the U.S.?

 To obtain a patent in the United States, you'll need to follow a structured process. The first step is to determine the type of patent that best fits your invention. In the U.S., there are three main types: utility patents for new and useful processes, machines, or compositions of matter; design patents for ornamental designs; and plant patents for distinct and new plant varieties.

Once you've identified the appropriate patent type, you'll need to thoroughly document and describe your invention, highlighting its unique aspects and how it works. This involves creating detailed drawings or diagrams if applicable. With this information, you can proceed to file a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This application will undergo examination to ensure it meets patentability criteria.

The USPTO will evaluate the novelty and non-obviousness of your invention during the examination process. If your application is accepted, you will be granted a patent, which will grant you exclusive rights to your invention for a set period of time, typically 20 years for utility and plant patents and 15 years for design patents.

It's advisable to consult a nationwide patent lawyer in Colorado Springs at Martensen IP during this process to enhance your chances of success. Remember that obtaining a patent in the U.S. can be a complex and lengthy endeavor, but it offers valuable protection for your innovative creations.  

How Can A Patent Attorney Assist Businesses During the Patent Process?

Throughout the patent procedure, our patent lawyers can be of essential service to your company. They start with a thorough patent search to guarantee that your innovation is unique and does not infringe on any existing patents.

Once it's confirmed that your invention is novel, a comprehensive patent application will be prepared and filed by our team with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This involves describing the invention in detail and explaining why it's patent-worthy. If the USPTO has any questions or objections, we may respond on your behalf, negotiate, and advocate for the approval of your patent.

Once the patent is granted, a skilled lawyer for patent from our firm can help protect your rights by enforcing the patent, acting against any infringement, and advising on licensing opportunities. Get in touch with Martensen IP as soon as possible -- we can guide your business through each step of the complex patent process, helping to secure your intellectual property rights and protect your commercial interests.

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