Patent Legal Services

As an experienced military program manager with an MBA and multiple engineering degrees, Michael Martensen understands patents both technically and legally, and always with respect for a business’ objectives. Martensen IP serves its clients as a business counselor that can draw from an unusually broad knowledge base in providing comprehensive legal advice.

Insightful Patent Portfolio Evaluation

Martensen IP patent attorneys provide a comprehensive evaluation of a business’ patent portfolio, either a portfolio already owned, or a portfolio being considered as part of a future investment. In addition, the firm offers patent portfolio management as well as post-grant review and patent infringement analyses. Martensen IP provides these services in order to help clients continue the innovation so critical to maximizing an IP portfolio’s competitive value.

Expert Patent Valuation

Determining the value of a patent for business purposes often involves very careful legal analysis of that patent’s ability to exclude others from the marketplace, thus creating a competitive advantage. This legal analysis requires an attorney who can provide a frank and honest assessment regarding the patent’s value. The marketplace quickly weeds out over-inflated opinions of value while punishing those who undervalue their company’s patent assets.

Martensen IP excels at providing clients with thoroughly reasoned legal opinions to give executives and investors alike the confidence to develop and execute a business strategy involving a given patent portfolio.

Meet Legal Requirements, Consider Returns When Considering a Patent

“Extremely well-versed in IP law. Navigated our patent applications from complex technology to award. Mike’s global associates helped inform and execute our global strategy. We highly recommend!”
Julie Zinn