Intellectual Property Enforcement

As with so many areas of intellectual property law, the issue is not so much claiming ownership of the intellectual property as it is enforcing that claim. A claim on IP can only be made enforceable by following very specific legal rules and practices. Martensen IP devotes much of its practice to advising its clients about these complex intellectual property matters in order to ensure that the hard-earned intellectual property rights are correctly exercised.

Our firm’s clients benefit from the unique skill set possessed by the attorneys at Martensen IP including large national firm experience, MBAs and multiple degrees in engineering. This knowledge base gives us the necessary resources to craft legal advice based on the business culture where our clients function. Martensen IP always couches its advice on the larger concerns of creating and capturing value for the clients’ businesses in order to maximize competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In the course of our intellectual property enforcement practice, Martensen IP advises clients on antitrust and patent issues. This advice often places an emphasis on preventative measures that will limit the need for expensive patent litigation or enforcement legal action in the future.

Because patent litigation is so expensive, Martensen IP does everything it can to position its clients for a clear degree of advantage.  By doing so, our clients enter in to an enforcement scenario with multiple options and superior control of the situation. If a client has received a cease-and-desist letter, Martensen IP analyzes the allegations to determine the competitor’s strategy in sending the letter and then crafts an appropriate response. Likewise, we work with our clients to aggressively address competitors who appear to be treading on our client’s intellectual property rights.

In all of our services, Martensen IP aims for cost-efficiency and a lean legal practice.

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