Intellectual Property Law And Government Contracts

Martensen IP law firm provides superior value to its business clients in this regard. In addition to their law degrees, attorney Michael Martensen and his team hold multiple degrees in engineering and business. They also have personal experience in the field of government procurement. This knowledge base makes it possible for Martensen IP’s attorneys to assist clients in situations where IP legal advice only makes sense if placed within the context of a client’s complete business strategy.

For this reason, clients in need of legal advice concerning their IP portfolios and their interactions with the government turn to Martensen IP. We provide the kind of front-end legal advice that manages and minimizes long-term legal costs, thereby freeing the company’s resources to focus on the marketplace.

In all of these areas, Martensen IP offers its clients knowledgeable advice informed by current legal developments, business practices and scientific innovations. For executives and advisors seeking to maximize the value provided by a business’ IP portfolio, this kind of business-responsive legal advice is indispensable for planning and creating future value.

What to Look for in an Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney

“Together we’ve filed for and been awarded several patents throughout the world, with Martensen taking on the vast majority of the preparation workload. It is a real pleasure to work with such professionals.”
Mike Farley

ICON Aircraft