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The firm understands the necessity of providing copyright legal advice that is responsive to the specific business needs of its clients, both executives and investors. As copyright legal counsel to investors, entrepreneurs and executives, Martensen IP provides its business clients with strategies designed to meet technical legal requirements while creating, capturing and defending realizable value in the marketplace. We see ourselves not just as external outside counsel available occasionally by phone. Rather, we view ourselves as forming an indispensable part of the business’ advisory team. Accordingly, we coordinate our legal advice with other members of the team in order to maximize the value of our legal advice to a business.

In particular, Martensen IP law advises clients on the ways in which a copyright protection and enforcement strategy can add value to a business. To maximize the enforceability of a copyright, we consult with clients to decide whether copyright registration would be a good investment for a given business and how this relates to the rest of a company’s intellectual property portfolio and its business plan.

The main advantage to a registered copyright is the ability it gives a business to enforce the copyright against infringement. The statutory copyright provisions provide certainty that a client’s creative investment can be protected and maintained.

Protecting Your Property and Rights

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“Tremendously useful to get advice from someone who thinks beyond the pure legal calculus and works well with business people. Mike has the experience and pragmatism to be an invaluable addition to your team.” Jay Jesse

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