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A Record of Success in Achieving Patent Coverage

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Why Martensen IP Law?

Technology is changing rapidly, making intellectual property law inseparable from business and scientific decisions for company executives and entrepreneurs. And where the government is the customer, the complexity of issues that must be navigated can seem overwhelming.

For over 20 years, our team has been trusted by business stakeholders to develop strategies for protecting and enhancing their IP portfolios, developing a reputation for:

  • IP Strategies That Enhance Competitive Advantage
  • A Record of Success in Achieving Patent Coverage
  • Superior Legal Guidance
  • Technology Backgrounds That Help Us Understand Complex IP
  • Extensive Litigation Experience

We provide the full spectrum of services to help clients maximize the security and value of their IP, from due diligence reviews to copyright protection, and from startup to exit.



Protecting Your Innovation

Protect your intellectual property by turning to Martensen IP for responsive legal advice that respects your larger business goals.

Specialized IP Legal Expertise


Specialized Legal Expertise

Martensen IP specializes in business law and technology, with an emphasis on intellectual property. Our attorneys have concentrated experience in law, business engineering and government.

Client Case Studies

Preshow Interactive

Black Founder: The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider

Stacy Spikes, a long-time client of Attorney Barbara Courtney and Martensen IP, has documented his experience “at the intersection of power, technology, and race” in an engaging and insightful book.

Elroy Air Logo


Finding the Key to Protecting Game-Changing Drone Technology

Martensen IP worked with an innovator in the crowded unmanned aircraft systems field to find the novel element that is the cornerstone of its IP protection.

Roam Free Ranch


Facing Off Against an Outsized Opponent

Martensen IP helped a Montana ranch overcome opposition to get vital trademarks for its bison jerky business.

Senseeker Engineering

From Idea to Acquisition

Thoughtful patent protection helped CashEdge protect its groundbreaking software and be acquired by a major public company.


Competitive Advantage

Martensen IP identified Blue Line’s protectable assets and crafted a strategy for commercial and government marketplaces.

Senseeker Engineering

Patented in Record Time

Martensen used a unique strategy and examiner insight to help REALM™ secure its IP quickly.


Navigate Challenges

In an increasingly complex technical and operational global security environment, Martensen IP provides trusted legal guidance.

Icon Aircraft - Building revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft.


Establish Safeguards

Martensen IP protects Icon’s design and trade secrets so the founders can continue building revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft.


Increased Valuation

Martensen IP helped 5D Robotics develop a patent portfolio that enhanced its value in the eyes of potential acquirers.