Trademark Registration & Protection Legal Services

Legal Strategies Driven by Business Goals

The legal decision to trademark must always be informed by business goals concerning brand building, leveraging value, and creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Trademarks themselves are inexpensive to file, but they may very well turn out to be one of the company’s most valuable assets. The value of a brand will generally far exceed the value of patents, yet its interaction with the company’s patent portfolio is central to the company’s value.

Maximizing Trademark Value

To support this value-building process, a business needs to lay the groundwork early with respect to legal processes. This requires an investment in knowledgeable legal counsel up front to do it right and make sure the business is fully realizing a trademark’s value.

Martensen IP trademark attorneys appreciate the need to provide these services in a cost-effective manner with a strong eye toward budget management. The firm provides legal advice that is carefully coordinated with the business’ branding strategy.

Martensen IP ensures that its trademark legal advice functions as part of a larger collaborative process in which the firm works with clients to craft creative branding strategies.

How To Complete A Trademark Search

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