Licensing & Technology Safeguards

Open-Source Software: A Lesson in Licensing

Protecting the work product from government software development engagements is a good example. As one of our attorneys notes in an article they authored, “Chances are, if you find yourself reading this, you already know some of the ways open-source software (OSS) standards affect software development. Even so, developing software for the federal government or other enterprises presents its own special set of issues that are further complicated by OSS standards.” After all, OSS is fundamentally governed by a software (IP) license and these licenses can apply to both governmental and commercial engagements.

Effective IP-related policies and procedures, including employee agreements and how a company interacts with third parties, help businesses achieve and retain the highest value for their IP assets. Our attorneys bring real-world business experience to bear when advising clients on how to protect their innovations, especially when it involves the contractual arrangements that monetize your IP called a license.

Navigating Software & Technology Data Rights

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