Why Hire Martensen IP Law?

At The Intersection Of Business, Law And Technology

Martensen understands the tools of IP. Martensen knows the business of IP. We understand the tech market, especially when the government is a customer, and we know how to plan, assess, and adjust. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licenses are our tools.

A Record of Success in Achieving Patent Coverage

As Patent attorneys with decades of experience we have drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications. We have worked in large multinational law firms and corporations and with small startups and emerging companies.

IP Strategies to Enhance Competitive Advantage

We are hired because we think through permutation after permutation of how to create and then keep our client’s competitive advantages. Each of us is a seasoned attorney with big law firm and big client experience. We come up with great IP strategies to enhance our client’s competitive advantage but recognize that the technology will change, the environment will change, the competition will change and so will our plan; we’re ready.

Superior Legal Guidance

A Norwegian proverb states, “Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” People hire us because we’ve paid the tuition. Martensen IP is uniquely positioned not just as a provider of technical legal information, but as an integral member of a business’ advisory team. This lean firm structure allows Martensen IP to provide superior legal guidance while still observing a business’ need for results-centered and cost-effective services. As a result, Martensen IP provides legal advice relevant to capturing and maintaining clients’ competitive advantage in their fast-moving competitive landscapes.

Understand Technology & How To Protect Your IP

Clients benefit from the collective background of our intellectual property attorneys, which includes scientific and engineering expertise, large law firm experience and prior contracting experience with the U.S. Department of Defense. These skill sets make it possible for Martensen IP to understand the technical features and operations of a client’s project while at the same time identifying, protecting and enhancing clients’ core value. Because the attorneys at Martensen IP understand how clients’ projects work, they know what IP elements of the projects need legal protection and how to protect them.

Extensive Litigation Experience

We know code and have navigated, and continue to navigate, the challenges of protecting software, electronics, and electro-mechanical devices. We have done litigation, and because of that experience we know how to avoid the pitfalls of transactional IP work that allow seemingly solid patents, copyrights, and trademarks fall apart when facing the scrutiny of a court room setting.

Protection Essentials

What Does the Government Own?

The Sub, Prime and Government Relationship

Why Protect Your Intellectual Property?

What to Look for in an Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney

“Trusted counsel who distills complex technology and legal matters into simple terms. Equally comfortable engaging technical or business issues and framing them to fit the goals of the company.”

Richard Kinsman