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Martensen IP understands the importance of a business’ practical concerns when providing legal advice about its IP portfolio. This is particularly true where elements of that portfolio are not yet available to the general public.

In such situations, we appreciate the need for strategic approaches in bringing these IP products to market. To that end, our firm maintains a network of international contacts in the event it becomes necessary for a client to introduce intellectual property outside the United States.

Skilled Attorneys and Strong Leadership

Martensen IP founder Michael Martensen graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and cum laude from Duke University Law School. While a member of our nation’s military, he flew F-15s as a mission commander, saw combat in Iraq, and served as the Operations Officer of a Fighter Squadron. He also served as a Program Manager of Advanced Weapons. Mike retired from the Air Force after 23 years of service.

Today, in his leadership role at Martensen IP, Mike’s skill, experience, work ethic, and commitment to our clients influences every decision we make and action we take as our attorneys guide companies through the intersection of IP and innovation.

“Tremendously useful to get advice from someone who thinks beyond the pure legal calculus and works well with business people. Mike has the experience and pragmatism to be an invaluable addition to your team.”
Jay Jesse

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