Three-Dimensional Printers Present International Intellectual Property Challenges

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While the adoption of new technologies often has a positive impact on Colorado business, it sometimes presents challenges as government officials determine the best way to regulate the emerging technology. The same holds true for three-dimensional printers, which enable people to print 3D objects such as consumer goods and even firearms from their home or office. Until this technology is properly regulated, however, it could pose problems for businesses around the world.

Some business owners in Europe have expressed concern over the emergence of these 3D printers, particularly when it comes to international intellectual property. Instead of purchasing items from a manufacturer, businesses and consumers will be able to create the product for themselves with their own 3D printer. This new method of obtaining goods may limit the government’s ability to inspect the goods for safety and to collect taxes and tariffs on the products.

Source: Euronews, “Consumer concerns around 3D printing,” April 11, 2014

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