Intellectual Property Law Firm: Patent, Trademark, Trade Secrets, Copyright & Government Contract Law

Martensen IP law firm provides superior value to its business clients in this regard. In addition to their law degrees, attorney Michael Martensen and his team hold multiple degrees in engineering and business. They also have personal experience in the field of government procurement. This knowledge base makes it possible for Martensen IP’s attorneys to assist clients in situations where intellectual property legal advice only makes sense if placed within the context of a client’s complete business strategy.

In all of these areas, Martensen IP offers its clients knowledgeable advice informed by current legal developments, business practices and scientific innovations. For executives and advisors seeking to maximize the value provided by a business’ IP portfolio, this kind of business-responsive legal advice is indispensable for planning and creating future value.

Patent Legal Services: Preparation & Prosecution of Patents
Martensen IP patent attorneys provide a comprehensive evaluation of a business’ patent portfolio, either a portfolio already owned, or a portfolio being considered as part of a future investment. In addition, Martensen’s patent attorneys offer patent portfolio management as well as post-grant review and patent infringement analyses. Martensen IP provides these services in order to help its clients continue the innovative process so critical to maximizing an IP portfolio’s competitive value.

Trademark Registration & Protection Legal Services
Martensen IP trademark attorneys appreciate the need to provide these services in a cost-efficient manner with a strong eye toward budget management. The firm provides legal advice that is carefully coordinated with the business’ branding strategy. In doing so, Martensen IP ensures that its trademark legal advice functions as part of a larger collaborative process in which the firm works with its clients to craft creative branding strategies.

Copyright Registration & Prosecution Services
Martensen IP law advises clients on the ways in which a copyright protection and enforcement strategy can add value to a business. To maximize the enforceability of a copyright, we consult with clients to decide whether copyright registration would be a good investment for a given business and how this relates to the rest of a company’s intellectual property portfolio and its business plan.

Government Contract Law & Intellectual Property Services
Many clients approaching Martensen IP for legal advice understand that it is not unusual for a federal government contract to result in complex intellectual property issues for the contractor. Making the right decisions early is critical to preserve a company’s value, even when the government is the client’s primary (or only) customer. Martensen IP has worked with startups and emerging companies seeking to protect and commercialize intellectual property developed in the course of fulfilling these government-funded contracts. The firm has also advised clients with respect to the legal requirements involved in characterizing pre-existing products as IP prior to entering into a government contract.

Trade Secret Legal Services
As trade secret legal counsel, Martensen IP advises businesses concerning their trade secret policies and procedures including employee agreements and interactions with third parties. This ensures that the business maximizes its value. We provide legal advice that is informed by real-world business practices when advising clients regarding their trade secret assets. With experience gained from practicing in large national law firms in Silicon Valley and Colorado and years of government service, the trade secret attorneys at Martensen IP leverage our assets to our clients’ benefit.

Intellectual Property Enforcement
With decades of law practice and hands-on experience as engineers, scientists, military officers, and real world businesspeople, the intellectual property attorneys at Martensen IP partner with our clients to deliver expert legal counsel to protect and maximize your most valuable assets — your intellectual property.

Merger And Acquisition Intellectual Property Due Diligence Reviews
Our analyses are independent and objective. In auditing an intellectual property portfolio, Martensen IP is able to recognize when intellectual property legal protections are indeed performing and when they are not. For clients who are selling their businesses, Martensen IP provides forward-looking IP portfolio strategies capable of meeting the rigorous IP audits conducted by potential purchasers.

Protecting Your Property and Rights

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