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Martensen provides superior services with a unique combination of legal, business, engineering and military contracting expertise.

Senseeker Engineering


Asset Protection

Martensen IP helped Senseeker Engineering navigate government IP regulations to protect their assets.


Competitive Advantage

Martensen IP identified Blue Line’s protectable assets and crafted a strategy for commercial and government marketplaces.

Icon Aircraft - Building revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft.



Establish Safeguards

Martensen IP protects Icon’s design and trade secrets so the founders can continue building revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft.



Navigate Challenges

In an increasingly complex technical and operational global security environment, Martensen IP provides trusted legal guidance.

For proven legal guidance, contact Martensen IP today at 719-358-2561.


Protecting Your Innovation

Protect your intellectual property by turning to Martensen IP for responsive legal advice that respects your larger business goals.

Specialized IP Legal Expertise

Specialized Legal Expertise

Martensen IP specializes in business law and technology, with an emphasis on intellectual property. Our attorneys have concentrated experience in law, business engineering and government.

At the Intersection of Business, Law and Technology

For over 20 years, the Martensen IP team has thoroughly examined and properly characterized intellectual property and patent portfolios into terms useful for business development and investment. We are proven and trusted. By routinely providing legal guidance to executives, investors, engineers and entrepreneurs, Martensen assists clients in determining not only the value of their IP portfolios, but also the value of the businesses holding these portfolios.

Although Martensen is based in Colorado, our intellectual property law practice spans the country and beyond. We provide our clients a full array of services within a broad suite of practice areas to meet their intellectual property goals and needs. These areas include proven experience in domestic and foreign patenting, IP advice and counsel, due-diligence review for both purchasers and sellers, trademark, trade secret and copyright protection, and a host of other IP-related services.

If you are an executive, an investor, a purchaser, a seller or the owner of an ongoing business interest, and you are seeking a knowledgeable and candid assessment of your IP portfolio’s legal posture, contact Martensen IP today.

Martensen IP is located at 30 East Kiowa Street, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. They serve clients across the country, but particularly in Colorado, California and Texas, including, but not limited to, Fort Collins, Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Longmont, Colorado Springs, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento, as well as El Paso County, Larimer County, Boulder County, Denver County, San Francisco County, San Diego County and the entire Bay Area.