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Why Martensen IP Law?

Clients benefit from the collective background of our intellectual property attorneys, which includes scientific and engineering expertise, large law firm experience and prior contracting experience with the U.S. Department of Defense. These skill sets make it possible for Martensen IP to understand the technical features and operations of a client’s project while at the same time identifying, protecting and enhancing clients’ core value. Because the attorneys at Martensen IP understand how clients’ projects work, they know what IP elements of the projects need legal protection and how to protect them. The Martensen IP knowledge set thereby minimizes the time and expense of having to retain outside experts and ensures that nothing is lost in the translation from the expert to the attorney.

Intellectual Property Law Legal Services For Businesses

Trademarks and Service Marks
Patent Protection & Prosecution
Copyright Registration, Protection & Enforcement
Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement
Trade Secret Policies, Procedures & Agreements
Intellectual Property Due Diligence Review
Government Contract Legal Services

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Martensen IP provides a business-responsive form of legal guidance, adding value where business executives and investors want it most: determining and leveraging the value of a business’ IP assets, thereby maximizing the business’ competitive advantage in the marketplace. Where appropriate, this legal guidance includes drafting and implementing corporate IP policies.

If you are an executive, an investor, a purchaser, a seller or the owner of an ongoing business interest, and you are seeking a knowledgeable and candid assessment of your IP portfolio’s legal posture, contact Martensen IP.

Martensen IP is located at 30 East Kiowa Street, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. They serve clients across the country, but particularly in Colorado, California and Texas, including, but not limited to, Fort Collins, Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Longmont and Denver.

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