Michael Larson, Subject Matter Expert / Expert Witness

Michael Larson is a technical expert who brings a background in engineering, decades in higher education, and many years of business experience to his work with Martensen IP. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1992, and has more than 25 years as a tenured university professor, including his current position at the University of Colorado. Michael has cofounded four companies that make products ranging from medical devices to games. These ventures include everything from bootstrapped startups to VC-backed businesses. To date, he has been issued six patents with five others pending.

Securing research grants totaling more than $7 million from a variety of agencies, Michael has tackled a wide variety of problems related to the fracture and failure of materials. He also has addressed the use of lasers in closing wounds in surgery as an alternative to sutures and staples.

A common theme in his inventions is that Michael loves working with others to create things that make people’s lives better, particularly in the realm of sleep. He is the Founder and President of Sleep Shepherd LLC, whose flagship product, the Sleep Shepherd Blue, he developed to help his teenage daughter with a chronic sleep problem.

Michael has won numerous awards, including being named “Inventor of the Year” by the University of Colorado and “Entrepreneur of the Year” by New Orleans’ City Business magazine for founding and directing a studio for creative design. He has garnered six awards for outstanding teaching and conducted a program to increase high school student interest in engineering fields. Michael has also provided engineering consulting and design services for hundreds of clients, served as an expert in numerous legal cases, and been a prevailing plaintiff in patent litigation before the U.S. Supreme Court.